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Event date Saturday, January 29, 2022

Contact:               Nancy Shia

Neighbors for the Knickerbocker Memorial in Adams Morgan Commemorate Lives Lost and Changed Forever 100 Years Ago by the Collapse of the Knickerbocker Theatre Under 28" of Snow.

98 Deceased, 133 Injured, in the Most Deadly Single Incident in DC History

A memorial sculpture will be dedicated at the commemoration by local artist Cesar Maxit to the 98 lives lost, 133 people injured, and first responders, to what remains the deadliest single incident in DC’s history.

The gathering also includes a reading of names and ages of those who died, and historic photos, news articles and stories at the site of the tragedy in what is now the Adams Morgan Plaza. Most of the theater’s orchestra were crushed under the opulent theater, as was former Congressman Andrew Jackson Barchfeld, and several prominent political and business leaders.

WHEN:  Sat., January 29 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The theater collapsed Jan. 28, 1922 at
9:12 pm.  The rescue effort lasted over 24 hours. 

WHERE:  At the site of the theater collapse—the Adams Morgan Plaza on the SW Corner of 18 th St. NW and Columbia Rd. NW in Adams Morgan. (1800 Columbia Rd. NW).

WHAT:  At the memorial will be historians, artists, musicians, neighbors, and some descendants who lost great grandparents, and other family members will remember those whose lives were cut short on a wintery evening while watching the silent comedy, “Get-rich-quick Wallingford.”


The full program includes:

·       An exhibit of historical photographs and newspapers documenting the first days of
the disaster.

·       Speakers highlighting the snowstorm, the roof collapse and rescue efforts.

·       Reading of the names and ages of the 98 people who died in the Knickerbocker
Theatre disaster. 

·       Personal stories of survivors and descendants collected by a long-time researcher.

·       A first-hand account from an Adams Morgan resident and descendant

·      The Humanities Truck with a display of disaster photographs and the video taken immediately
following the disaster..

·       Dedication of the Memorial Sculpture.

To learn more about the disaster see:

Neighbors for the website with historic photos, newspaper articles, names and ages of those who died and other resources.

A memorial display in the lobby of the Mt. Pleasant Library January 24.

Neighbors for the Knickerbocker Memorial is a group of Adams Morgan neighbors who have come together to honor the history of the Knickerbocker Theatre and work toward a permanent memorial at the site, to honor the lives of those who died there. Co-chairs: Sandra Reischel and Nancy Shia. Lead researcher: Debbie K. Chambers
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